Um. Hello? Testing…1, 2, 3.

I feel like I’ve been on a whirlwind journey over the past hour or so and then abruptly and unexpectedly landed onto this stage and the bright white of the blank page has blinded me.  I planning an hour or so of blog reading when I sat down.  All that changed when I stumbled upon Christine Kane’s blog entry from yesterday. She inspired me to choose a single word intention for 2009: emerge. Then my eye was drawn to a side link entitled “18 Stupid Mistakes Bloggers Make in Their First Year” which roused my interest – though I’d never blogged. The first point “Even bothering to get overwhelmed” mentioned thinking you needs a Lens and, never having heard the phrase before, I followed the link.  (Looking back, it was like following a sign that says “this way to ‘overwhelmed'”.)

Initially I misunderstood and thought it was a quick blog page setup. Even then I wasn’t planning on starting a blog, I was just curious about the application.  I created a Lens and then realised that it’s sort of a business card or synopsis for a blog residing elsewhere.  In the process of creating my Lens I had to give my blog a title and while pondering my goals, and with my intention to “emerge” still lingering in my thoughts (“emerge and then what?”) “Emerge… and celebrate”, well, emerged.

Late in the last century I worked briefly (unpaid) on developing a web page. I took a class and learned a bit about CSS and HTML codes and never quite managed the knack of successfully uploading what I saw on my own computer to create a working web page. (On the positive side, after that seemingly endless week, I then knew not to steer my career in that direction.) 

Fully expecting a similarly unpleasant experience trying to create a blog page, I thought I’d give it 10 minutes (knowing it might become 30 or 60) and eventually be sufficiently annoyed to quash of the impulse to start a blog. I looked at a few blogs that I read until I found a couple that appealed to me, that were free, and that didn’t require a separate web host.  I signed up and suddenly a bright white screen was starting back at me.

I tell you all of this so you’ll better understand my relief and excitement when I say “Look at this! Woo hoo!” (For those of you who have already gone through this and found it to be a simple process or have not felt the need to write about it, I’m not usually the doofus this post might suggest.)

This living by intention stuff can work FAST.  Here’s one example of emerging.  I’m off to celebrate with my sweetie who has just arrived.


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